Necil Kazım Akses

Necil Kazim Akses (May 6, 1908, Istanbul - February 16, 1999, Ankara) was a Turkish classical composer.

Akses studied in Vienna with Joseph Marx and in Prague with Josef Suk and Alois Hába. He helped co-found the Ankara Conservatory with Paul Hindemith and also directed the institution himself for a while. Together with Cemal Reşid Rey, Ulvi Cemal Erkin, Ahmet Adnan Saygun, and Ferid Alnar, Akses belonged to a group called The Turkish Five (alluding to the Russian Five), who were the first Turkish composers to adapt their homeland musical tradition to the techniques of Western classical composition. In 1949, Akses entered the service of the Turkish state, and worked as the Turkish cultural attaché in Bern and Bonn, among other posts. Akses composed orchestral works, chamber music, and pieces for piano. His most famous work is his violin concerto (1969).

Allegro Feroce for saxophone and piano
Ankara Kalesi (The City of Ankara), symphonic poem, 1942
Çiftetelli, symphonic dance for orchestra
5 Turkish Pieces for piano solo
Violin Concerto, 1969