Abbinanti, Frank (b. 1949, Chicago, Illinois). American composer of primarily chamber, vocal and piano works that have been performed in Europe and North America; he is also active as a pianist and trombonist.

Mr. Abbinanti studied trombone privately with Frank Crisafulli on a scholarship from 1964-68, but studied piano at the American Conservatory of Music. He then studied composition and performance art with Richard Teitelbaum and piano with Frederic Rzewski at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, where he earned his BA and served as an assistant to both. He finished his studies in composition with Ralph Shapey at the University of Chicago, but later studied privately with Ben Johnston in Chicago in 1984-85.

He is also active in other positions. At the University of Illinois, he and his wife Ruth, a flautist, founded the Modern Music Workshop in 1972. He has organized a memorial concert to Cornelius Cardew and has supervised the production of events for numerous soloists. He served as music advisor to the Italian Cultural Consulate in the early 1990s and as assistant conductor to the Citywide Orchestra in Chicago from 1991-95. In addition, he hosted the NEMO festival in Chicago in 1997, with Pierre Boulez as advisor and performances by Ensemble Modern, and is a board member of the Echo Performing Arts Orchestra, a nonprofit organization in California. He has written several articles, as well as the book Dialogues, creating music (2005, Frog Peak Music).

He taught as a seminar lecturer at the University of Chicago from 1998-2004. He has also lectured throughout the USA, as well as in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Spain.

Frog Peak Music publishes most of his music.

SELECT LIST OF WORKS (dates not available for most pieces)

ORCHESTRAL: American Labor Studies, Volumes 1-2, large orchestra, 1990-2004 (version of piano work); estratega a contrapecho del hombre (concerto), cello, orchestra

CHAMBER MUSIC: power clown, French horn, bass trombone, cello, double bass, piano, percussion, 1999; LURE, cello, piano, 2004; gentle beast, double bass, 2004; Abakan, bass trombone/tuba; au jour d'aujourd'hui, flute; Aurora, tuba; Belfast, string quartet; Braunbären mit Tubas kommen, bass trombone; Das Brot aber ist verschimmelt, tuba; Cane Trash, 2 violins (also versions for violin, viola, cello; string quartet); Ceux oui m'aiment, clarinet; Cantos de sirena (Mermaid Song No. 2), bassoon; Cerco de Puas, bassoon; Chiapas, string quartet; Cola de lagartija, tuba; East Timor, string quartet; euskal, violin, viola, cello; Fallender Engel/fallender Kopf, flute; The Flourishing of the Black Roosters, string quartet; Forged, trumpet; Goat, viola; he had a disagreeable euphonium, that he played, euphonium; Heike, violin; hinaus'schleichenhinaus'schauen, marimba; Kabul, tuba; Kater Moor, alto trombone; Kobiety, koty i dzieci, oboe; lass mich ein wenig zu Atem, flute; Lebanon, string quartet; The Lizard's Tail, E-flat clarinet; Lobet die Kälte die Finsternis und das, 2 trumpets; Lobet die Nacht und die Finsternis die euch umfangen, 2 trumpets; Lost Indian Tribes, 2 double basses; La Luciernaga, bassoon; Mein Wagon rollet langsam, tuba; Mermaid Song, flute (also version for trombone); Mermaid Song No. 5, tuba; mon voir et mon savoir, trombone

CHAMBER MUSIC: Near the Chiapas, flute (also version for marimba); Nous avons du renvoyer le trombonist, trombone; A Plot against Humanity's Heart, E-flat clarinet; pravda, violin, cello, piano (version of piano work; also version for 4 saxophones, piano); Rectangle for Palestine, trombone; the resurrection of Mona the Whore, harp; scombridae, tuba; La serpiente de oro, tuba; Slats, bass trombone; Soweto, string quartet (version of piano work); Stigmata, oboe; Sult, Hunger in Hungarian, or after the Fall of Stalinism, tuba; Three Pieces for Keith Rowe, any player; Die traurig Stein, tuba; Trzepaki, marimba; Ungeheure Verbindung, contrabassoon

CHORAL: cantata immigrant, 14 female voices, small orchestra, 1989

VOCAL: Four Songs (texts by Margaretta D'Arcy, Alfonsina Storni, Elsa Morante, Simone de Beauvoir), soprano, orchestra, 1986; come una forza di luce (texts by Dante Alighieri, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giacomo Leopardi), soprano, alto, tenor, bass, large orchestra, 1992; Industrial Romance (text by George Wong), female voice, large orchestra, 1998-2000

PIANO: Angola, in this day n'age, 2004; reels, 2004; one leg dancing, 2004; queen mary South Africa, day out, 2004; squatter's camp KTC, 2004; Duktahole Township, Germiston, East Rand, 2004; cause/untitled Rwanda, 2004; studie/Darfur, 2004; LURE Zimbabwe, 2004; starfield/sierra leone, prepared piano, 2004; sudan/untitled, prepared piano, 2004; HOOD Mozambique to S. Machel, prepared piano, 2004; American Labor Studies, Volumes 1-2 (also version for large orchestra); black market gardening; Cane Trash No. 2; Cowgirl Blues; Donde está mi hermano; The Euskal Triad; The First Appearance of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms into Cuba; La guerre du Golfe n'a pas eu lieu; Jenin, 2 pianos; Karl Marx schlaft?; Maquiladoras Sonata; mort subite; Old Codes, New Chaos; paraphrase, 'deng'; pravda (also versions for violin, cello, piano; 4 saxophones, piano); Rogue State Sonata; Soweto (also version for string quartet); Tu voto no valeSalvadoran rebels in Jucuapa April 1, 1984; Vertical Tone Pig

MULTIMEDIA: Greenham Common, female voice, flute, cello, piano, tape, slide projections, 2002; GLUT 2003, female voice, flute, double bass/bass guitar, piano, tape, film, 2003